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"Food is for eating, and good food is to be enjoyed ... I think food is, actually, very beautiful in itself"

Delia Smith

some tasty highlights ... 

let the good times Aperol(l)
pist-ask me about my favorite pastries
Bao down!
a whole latte love
almond gosh!
needed an afternoon pink me up@
(n)ice cream
pancake me out tonight
toma-totally delish caprese
berry delish sangria
this brunch guac-ed
just mai tai-ing to soak up all the rays
donut worry, be happy
avo-gotta have some brunch
only have eyes for Ore-you
patatas bravas or bust
don't wine about it
holy crêpe !
gelato to go!
beignet? more like beign-yay!
always taking [pitchers] of my food
food has a [pizza] my heart
cof-feed me this cheescake by the ocean
spice up your life
resting brunch face
send noods ...
Europe has maca-ruined me for pastries back home
mo' mojitos, no problems
always happy when a cappuccino [croissants] my path
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