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A Summer Life Update

Hello! Bonjour !

I've been catching up on my sleep from all my travel this past year and summer (living in Nice, visiting Eastern Europe, a trip to Greece, a summer holiday in the Maldives ...) and of course blogging all about it!

I came back to the States in mid-May and after a week catching up with my grandparents, mom and sister, I headed to Florida to a conference for my senior thesis! It was so fun to present our semester-long project and of course see my good friend Isabelle again! As luck would have it, I also met up with my friend, Jenn who I hadn't seen in a year for some fun in the sun!

I worked half the summer as a waitress again, and did my online teaching to Chinese kiddos during the mornings. I had started applying to "real" jobs in January, with a few interviews but no real leads and at the end of May, I heard back from a company I had sent my CV and cover letter to - they wanted a Skype interview!

The interview fluctuated between French and English and there was some stress at the end when my WiFi stopped working and I had to run down the road (and brave the swarms of mosquitoes) to send a message, explaining what happened. And then a week later I had another interview... and then 2 weeks later another one! And then before I knew it, I was officially employed IN FRANCE!

I'll be doing some marketing work for a startup in Toulouse (near the border with Spain this time) and now I have about a week until I fly out. I've been busy visiting my friends who live close-by, spending time with my family, looking for apartments, dealing with the visa situation, and of course ... eating all my American food faves before I jet off!

So, ForkSpoon&Straw is heading back to France encore une fois, and I, for one, couldn't be happier. It's a quite scary to think that I'll be in a different continent indefinitely, but I'm excited for the new adventure, and know that I can still come back and visit (and I will have many visitors I'm sure). My new company seems super nice and helpful (they're even picking me up at the airport! wow!).

Stay tuned for more travel and tasty eats!

Gros bisous,

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