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End of April updates

After I came back from Spring Break with Kass in Spain and Portugal, Melissa had some friends staying in Nice so we did a few winery tours, got some classic niçois foods and went to Èze and Villefranche for the afternoon.

I had Easter Monday off so I had a long work-week of 1 day ... tant pis ! That weekend Melissa, Abby and I headed to the fête des fraises up in Carros. It was a curvy, mountain bus ride up - but definitely couldn’t compare to my weekly trips to school.

The day was filled with lots of fun tasting things, some sheep and goats and of course lots and lots of strawberries!

a berry good day!

The next week at school was my final week so I made some snacks for my students (PB&Js and chocolate chip cookies) and for my colleagues (peanut butter cookies) to say merci!

On Tuesday we had a little lunch potluck party and my English colleagues gave me some gifts as i said au revoir. I was sadder than I thought I would be, but then again I’m not very good with goodbyes ...

The next day (May 1) we had to move out of the apartment. After basically packing everything the night before, we got the all clear from our landlord and I hauled my suitcases across town to the AirBnB that would be my home for the next week. It was in the Port neighborhood (my préfèré) and wicked close to my favorite coffee shop and bar. Fun PSA, I would not recommend moving or really doing anything of importance on a French national holiday as the whole country pretty much shuts down!

I got lunch with Melissa and her friend for a fancy (but pricey!!) lunch on the beach before meeting Abby and her friend from Lille, Camille for drinks after one last assistants dinner.

The next few days were spent out and about trying to explore Nice before I headed to Cinque Terre for a few days. Highlights included a delish breakfast on the port of Villefranche sur Mer, finally getting some art from Nice, and tacos on Cinco de Mayo.

I’ll see y’all in Italia,

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